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We take a wrong turn…

….. and end up frustrated and confused by all the choices.

All of sudden, we reach a dead end and feel there’s no way out.

We lose our way. We become ready to give up on a relationship.

Life happens

We start out envisioning life as an adventure with idealistic views about the world.

Along the way, we experience loss and disappointment. We’re left frustrated, confused, angry and in pain.

We continue on - moving toward success in spite of the challenges.

But then, the trauma of the past shows up in our present lives when we least expect.


We’re tired of where life brought us.

We find ourselves needing a sense of purpose and direction.

Counseling assists you on the healing journey to give you the most meaningful life possible.

Healing is a journey.

Take a deep breath, you made it.

Healing starts here.

The first step towards healing is recognizing there’s a solution to the pain you’re experiencing. Continue the journey by reaching out to make positive changes.

By taking one step in the direction of your destination, you’ve began the process of change. Continue the momentum and move forward.

Sure, you can continue to go at it alone.

But why would you want to?

Professional guidance is available to you right now.

You don’t have to wait until you are standing at the edge of a cliff or completely lost. It’s easier to find your way back after a short detour then days off the beaten path.


Hi, I’m Amber

I’ll push you when you want to give up.

When your emotions are overwhelming, I’ll give you cutting edge tools, so you can feel like yourself again.

There are times along the way that you’ll need to stop and rest. We’ll take breaks to nourish your soul.

Let’s do this together.

Counseling provides new techniques and insights that make the journey of like more enjoyable. Through time and practice, you can build your communication and interpersonal skills to have more fulfilling relationships.

By using these state of the art tools, you’ll get your life back from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Give me a call! 512-256-4929


Imagine the destination

Can you imagine what the destination is like? Imagine a meaningful life, full of connection and peace.

Envision your best life and believe it’s possible. Gain the confidence you need to reach your destination.

There are mountains to climb, but I’ll be your guide on the journey.


What I Do

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

LPC Supervision




Military + Law Enforcement

Grief Counseling


Anxiety / PTSD

Online Counseling


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