Anxiety / PTSD


Life can be healed. Relationships can be restored.

You spend hours replaying events in your head. There’s no sleep or rest.

Your fuse becomes short with your loved one.

Fear keeps you from attending events with family or friends.

Your heart races, you’re sweating…

…and your chest tightens – breathing becomes difficult.

This happens for no apparent reason.

Understand the source of your anxiety and learn how to manage it with support.

Take control.

Learn new strategies to move you in the direction of your dreams.

Olivia came to see me because of anxiety. She dropped out of college mid-semester. She was experiencing panic attacks. Her life felt out of control.

In counseling, she was able to discover the trigger to the anxiety and panic attacks by understanding how the mind works.

Olivia was motivated to implement mindfulness and relaxation techniques outside of session. She was able to identify a more fulfilling college major and start school.

By making small changes and implementing practical approaches, she was able to face the stress of starting school.

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There’s no reason to stay stuck in fear.

Overwhelmed by anxiety, unable to focus or concentrate, exhausted, restless, irritable.

Commit to staying the course.

Move from fear controlling your every move to showing anxiety who’s boss.

After a trauma, we’re haunted with memories.

Our minds make us relive the event over and over.

Despite all attempts at avoiding it, it won’t go away.

We can’t control our reaction to the smallest noise.

Grocery stores feel like battle grounds. Trash on the side of the road becomes a land mine.

PTSD happens when experience something no one should have to experience.

It occurs when we’ve seen something, we wish we never saw.

Because of the trauma, our minds distort our experiences. It seems as if life will always be this way.

Shame creeps in because we feel weak. Guilt overwhelms us because we couldn’t stop it from happening.

Trauma ruins lives. It feels like our life is over.

Our soul is broken. Our heart can’t recover.

People we love are pushed away. Our expectations are rigid, and our life is limited by where we can go and when.

Small things become life or death situations. Our fuse becomes short and our temper flares.

You can grow and become resilient after trauma.

I help you make sense of all this.

When you show up in my office, I meet you where you’re at. I adapt my approach to make sure you’re comfortable through the process.

We’ll put it into perspective, so you can have a more meaningful existence.

You may want to avoid treatment all together, but avoidance is part of PTSD. It’s the part that keeps you stuck. Together we’ll conquer avoidance one piece at a time.

Discover communication skills & strategies to improve your relationships.

I’ll provide you with tools that allow your brain to heal using your own intellectual and emotional processes.

Stay strong and continue reaching out. Take care of your mental fitness.

I see a future for you.

Minds can be put back together. Emotions can be understood. They’re what make us human.

I know you may feel as if it won’t work, but what do you have to lose by trying?

Have courage.

Cultivate the courage. Be strong and call today!

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