Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing


The effects of trauma can seep into every aspect of our life.

When we witness a traumatic event or experience trauma, our brain has difficulty with these memories.

When we experience a life or death situation, our brain puts us into survival mode. While that’s great at keeping us alive, it’s not a great system for the psychological aftermath.

That traumatic memory becomes distorted because the processing center in the brain shut down to keep us alive. That memory is then stored next to the part of the brain that deals with emotions.

When your brain experiences a sight, sound, or smell that reminds it of the trauma…

…it sets in motion that survival mechanism. At the same time, negative emotions flood your brain.

Wait? You mean, it’s not my fault that I’m experiencing anxiety or PTSD?

That’s correct, there’s nothing wrong with you if you experience negative emotions or memories from trauma.

Our brain has difficulty making sense of the mess. But EMDR can help.

EMDR is for individuals who have difficulty with distressing emotions related to disturbing traumatic events.

This type of treatment helps your brain organize and make sense of the memories stored in your brain.

Through EMDR, you can understand the emotions and have a healthier perspective that leads to more meaningful actions.

The treatment focuses on the events that caused the trauma, present distressing situations. You’ll learn new skills to improve your well-being.


Most trauma treatments require you to relive the trauma by recounting the details verbally or in writing.

While that method can be effective, it has a very high dropout rate because it causes significant distress.

Individuals experiencing distress because of trauma avoid any memory or thought that reminds them or triggers the traumatic memory. Therefore, this causes the individual to avoid treatment.

EMDR allows people to heal using their own intellectual and emotional processes instead of a clinician’s interpretation. It does not require recounting every detail of the trauma.

While you may feel powerless and overwhelmed by negative emotions, EMDR can transform that into feeling powerful and in control of your life.

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