Individual Therapy


As we go through life, our roles & responsibilities change.

We face decisions we don’t want to make and do things out of necessity.

Men and women are faced with difficult decisions about career, relationships, care-taking of parents, divorce, parenting, grief and loss, illnesses, and more.

Our upbringing and experiences have made us who we are, and sometimes we’re unaware of what we’re taking with us into a relationship or workplace.

Everything craves our attention.

We’re inundated with societal changes, technology, and increasing workplace demands.

Through it all, we try to find the right partner, have a fulfilling career, raise a family, and have friends.

We have financial goals of standards and homeownership.

The truth is, we can achieve our goals + dreams…

…and still miss what matters.

The more unrealistic standards we have for ourselves, the more miserable we become.

Those accomplishments do not erase the pain of loss, shield us from struggles, or make us happy. Not one of those things can fulfill us or give us peace.

What’s the answer?

We need to work through the pain and learn to manage our fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, sadness, and discomfort.

Becoming aware of our emotions makes us a stronger and more resilient. We become mentally fit when we tend to our emotional wellbeing.

Learning to accept our pain sounds counterintuitive, but with the help of a therapist it’s possible.

Counseling helps us understand what we want.

I’m the youngest of four siblings. Being the youngest means, I often expect to get what I want.

With this, I believe everyone should have the life they want.Every human deserves fulfilling relationships and a meaningful life.

Most of us have no clue what’s important to us.

We need a guide to make decisions. We need help understanding what adds value to our life.

Once you know what you want out of life and relationships, then you can understand what it takes to get to that destination.

We’re able to ask for what we need from others in a way that increases the chances of getting those needs met. Knowing what we need allows us to give ourselves the self-care we deserve.

We deserve unconditional love + positive regard.

Gaining clarity and insight when we’re amid chaos sounds unrealistic, but we’ll take one small step at a time so you can reach your goals.

All of us need a non-judgmental voice in our life. I’m here to provide you the space to learn how to have the life you deserve. A life that requires us to be fully presence and experience all life has for us.

I’m here to support you on that journey.

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