Grief Counseling


There’s no shortcut through grief.

There was a client named Sarah.

She had a fulfilling career and was very successful. She achieved a high level of income and education.

Sarah lost the love of her life several years ago. She dealt with the grief by drinking alcohol.

No one knew she was still grieving, and her friends thought she had moved on.

As long as she drank, the anxiety stayed away.

The alcohol was masking the pain.

Sarah re-married and had a great marriage and children. All seemed fine and she stopped drinking…

Then, her parent was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

She didn’t know how to cope now that alcohol was gone.

She was left with the pain of grief once again. And, this time – the grief of her prior loss came flooding back.

Sarah couldn’t figure out how to make the pain stop. Given her studious nature – she read all the books and tried all the right things to make her pain go away.

She was stuck in her grief. Overwhelmed by sadness. Going through the motions.

Sarah reached out for help and learned how to manage the painful emotions. She was able to do the difficult work of facing the grief and move on.

Grief creates the most intense sadness and suffering.

It stirs up anger we thought was buried.

After the funeral, our friends and family leave and we’re left to figure it out.

Sometimes grief leaves us childless, alone, a single parent, without a sibling or friend. Death takes people from us, but it takes more than that.

How do we deal with complex grief?

Was the relationship with the person lost complicated? Was the last conversation negative?

Were you unable to say goodbye? Was there betrayal you experienced after they were gone?

Did suicide take your loved one? Losing someone to the battle of mental illness creates a hole in us that is so difficult to fill.

The pain of losing someone can be so overwhelming.

But we can make it through. There is life after loss.

There’s no shortcut or way around the pain, only to go through it.

Grief changes us. It changes our story.

Sometimes we just need to ugly cry for a few hours or even days.

Grief is not logical…

…and healing does not follow a linear pattern.

Healing isn’t something we get from reading a book.

It gets better when you learn to manage the pain.

Adjusting to life after loss is possible.


Imagine being whole and feeling joy again.

I’ll to join you on the journey through the dark places, so you don’t have to do this alone. Counseling helps you heal and feel like a person again.

You can heal the pain – by honoring the loss of your loved one, accepting the anger and sadness, and moving toward the life you want.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental space to express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. We’ll sort through the pain together, and you’ll have the support you need.

There’s no reason you must go through it alone.

Reach out for support. (512) 256-4929