Online Counseling

Attention all Texans: Online counseling is available to help you reach your goals & move in the direction of your dreams.


Have you ever driven across Texas? It takes forever!

Driving across San Antonio feels like it takes just as long!

Dealing with traffic, rushing to get back to work and I may be far from your home or office.

You may be located outside of San Antonio and don’t want to make the drive to receive quality counseling services.

Online counseling is a solution! Therapy in the comfort of your home through telecounseling.

Wondering how it works? Worried about confidentiality.

I use a HIPPA Compliant platform. I email you a link to our session online. It’s as simple as that! There’s no software to download.

What about all the paperwork?

I use an online platform to complete paperwork. All I need is your name, phone number and email. Then, you receive a link to log into your profile and complete the required paperwork. This portal remains available to you if we need to share paperwork in the future.

Payment is accepted the same way it would be in the office. I use a secure platform for payments. I enter your phone number and you receive a link to add your payment information. Then, you’re charged for each session.

The process is easy and simple to follow.

If you have any questions, I’m available to answer them via phone to clarify how it works.

Sometimes the network goes down and I can’t fix that, but we have ways to work around technical difficulties.

You have the choice to see me online or in the office. You’re not limited to one or the other. It’s based on your preference.

The downside? I won’t get to see you in person.

Some people prefer face to face sessions, but I’ve achieved positive outcomes with online sessions.


You will need a private space with internet connectivity to ensure confidentiality on your end.

Texas is a huge state and driving is a hassle. There’s no way you’d want to drive to see me if you are in West Texas or in the Valley. I can see anyone who is in the state of Texas through telecounseling.

This isn’t the same as signing up for one of those questionable online services. You receive the same counseling you would in person. The sessions are full length and you get the same expertise as you would in my office.

No more worrying about traffic to get to an appointment!

I offer therapy to anyone in Texas with high quality, encrypted video therapy. It’s easy to use and optimized for your convenience.

Your comfort, safety, and confidentiality are top priorities!

Call me at 512-256-4929 to learn how online therapy will help you.