Sally Ann Driver, MS, LPC Intern,

Supervised by Amber Alexander, MA, LPC-S


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Sometimes we get stuck in our relationships and feel disconnected and lost. Other times, multiple moves or job changes leave us frazzled. Then, there are those moments where life throws us a devastating curve ball and we learn a family member has a life threatening illness or devastating medical condition that changes our life forever. I specialize in couples therapy, military families and individuals and families who experience a life changing medical condition.

I help couples struggling with relationship difficulties discover ways to make their relationship more fulfilling and overcome feelings of disconnection using techniques to increase secure attachment and open communication.

When working with military affiliated individuals I am able to help navigate the chaos and stress of military life and cultivate a more satisfying identity that allows personal fulfillment.  

I help people who are overwhelmed by a family member’s illness or disability, combat feelings of helplessness or being overwhelmed by these challenges through understanding and normalizing the grieving process associated with life-altering diagnoses. Then we explore new family roles and the create a new personal narrative.

 I help individual’s stuck in negative beliefs work through painful emotions, navigate life’s challenges, and explore ways to create more meaningful lives by creating a safe judgment free environment and using proven therapeutic techniques using evidenced based approaches including EMDR.  These techniques allow you to connect more deeply with your partners, understand and overcome past stressors, and break the negative thought patterns that keep them feeling stuck.

Using a collaborative approach, I provide unconditional support and meet you where you are and empowering you to break free from the obstacles that have hindered your progress.  This supportive environment that allows you to challenge negative thought patterns and beliefs while discovering and cultivating personal strengths, improve coping skills, and move you towards holistic wellness and resiliency to live your best life. 

About Me….

            Growing up I moved frequently and then married into the military.  As someone that moved frequently, I was exposed to various cultures and how people respond to life’s many stressors.  These experiences instilled in me a love of learning and a desire to understand how we as people respond to our situations and to others.  Initially my love of learning and serving others lead me to teaching in the public-school system, but I realized I was being called to serve people on a more personal and systemic level which resulted in my decision to pursue a degree in Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy at Capella University.