Areas of Practice

*Telecounseling Available* Proudly serving Texas Veterans

Individual counseling for professionals

You are a successful, hard working and caring individual, who understands there’s more to life then the daily grind. You’re wondering if you’re in the right career or you want to rekindle the passion you once had for your profession. You may be experiencing compassion fatigue and need some help resetting. Perhaps you’re considering a career change & need some direction or guidance. It’s common to experience work related stress, but please reach out for help before it reaches the point of complete burnout. I provide individuals career counseling & guidance and support for individuals experiencing compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.


Common signs of depression/anxiety can include: irritability, fatigue, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, increased substance use, weight gain or loss and decreased motivation. When we experience depression or anxiety it can feel as if we’re losing control. These unwanted emotions come up at unexpected times and may cry for no reason. Some people feel ashamed or guilty when this happens. Most people are unaware of strategies to manage these symptoms before they get out of hand. When we avoid dealing with these issues, our minds never get the chance to heal. Please reach out today.

Goal setting / coaching

Are there career, life, relationship or health goals you’ve set for yourself that you’ve been unable to achieve no matter what you’ve done? Do you purchase and read lots of information & have difficulty implementing the advice? I work with individuals or small groups to unlock your motivation and create an achievable road to success. This service is private pay only as it’s solution focused and not addressing a diagnosable mental illness. Insurance can only be billed when there’s a medical necessity for treatment. Sometimes we need the help and direction of someone else to motivate us.

Relationship counseling

I provide individual and couples counseling for relationship issues. Are you in a committed relationship & want to learn more effective communication strategies? Do you need to rekindle the love and affection?  I want to help you identify ineffective relationship patterns to get to the root of the issue. Human love is messy & sometimes we need a different perspective in order to untangle the mess. Maybe you’ve tried counseling before and are skeptical it will work. Perhaps you’ve tried so many approaches on your own and you’re ready to give up. Please consider reaching out to move you toward healing.


Grief affects all of us when we lose someone or something we love. Grief occurs when we lose a loved one, experience divorce, lose a pet, experience a job loss or disability. Maybe you’re dealing with a loved one’s illness & care taking for a loved one. Are you experiencing extreme sadness? Feeling angry? Are you wondering how long this pain will last? Does it feel as if you don’t know how to move on? Maybe you’re crying uncontrollably. Grief reactions can be complex and I’m here to support you through your healing journey. You don’t have to go through it alone. Please reach out for support.

stress management

We call experience stress from time to time and sometimes it feels as if we’re unable to handle it. Are you reaching out to substances to cope with daily life? Do you find it difficult to wake up in the morning? Maybe you’re more irritable and not feeling like yourself? Is your personal life suffering? Stress has negative impacts on our physical health, but there are ways to mange stress to improve our overall health and wellbeing. We can discuss lifestyle changes and increasing mindfulness and relaxation strategies to move you in the direction you see for yourself. Healing starts now.

PTSD / Trauma Counseling

Traumatic experiences come in all forms: on the job, childhood trauma, motor vehicle accidents, natural distress and acts of violence. It may feel as if you’ll carry this pain with you forever. Have you been reliving the trauma through intrusive memories? flashbacks or nightmares? Is the traumatic event efficient your personal and professional relationships? Perhaps you’re having difficulty going to work every day and you can’t imagine a future without this pain. Healing your past trauma and learning to live in the moment is the key moving on. I have over 9 years of experience working with trauma. Reach out today.


Wearing the uniform means placing yourself in the midst of ongoing adversity and danger. It’s agreeing to put yourself on the line to serve our nation and communities. I have over 10 years of experience working with military, law enforcement and other high stress occupations. These occupations discourage individuals from reaching out for help and support when one is experiencing loss or trauma. Please understand that all of us need help from time to time. Are you having difficulty with your VA rating? I provide assessments and documentation that may be able to help. Ask about disability consultation. I am a veteran and want to help!

life transition

We go through so many changes in life. There are changes as we get older, changes in our relationship status (i.e. singleness, marriage, divorce, breakups) that leave us wondering what’s next. Sometimes we experience an illness or injury that changes our life & abilities. There are times an illness devastates a family member. We experience tragic loss and have difficult moving on. Maybe you’ve lost a job or your company is restructuring? Maybe you’re leaving an industry (i.e. military or government job)? You don’t have to go through the transition alone.